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Entry #1

I just fucking realized something...

2009-04-19 00:56:02 by DJ-SomeSortofEvil

I made one of my greatest/favorite songs (Digitalis) because of a fucking lie.

You guys remember how "DJ"-Immune is a fraud?
Well before I found this out, I once PMed him on NG asking what kind of effect he was using in one of "his" song's instruments. He told me that it was some kind of compressor effect and I then asked him what he did. He told me that it did it by itself, and being that he "obviously" didn't use Fruity Loops, so I was determined to figure out how to do it. After fucking around with some "Edit Events =3 Lul." I figured out how to fucking do it, and I made the song. Now I call it one of my best songs for some reason, no idea why, but still. Do you guys think it's a good thing this shit's happened? WOOHOO! *airthrusts at father*

See you fucks later!

(by they way, this is my first serious 'blog' on NG)


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2009-04-19 01:25:36

Well yea i think its kickass no matter what!